Sailplanner - Howto.

Example: Week trip from IJmuiden to the UK.

Let's say you're planning a week trip from IJmuiden to Lowestoft, another stop in Shotley and Vlissingen (Flushing) and back to IJmuiden. Is this possible in one week? How many times do we have to sail all night? Which maps do we need?
Start with some metadata
Add a description for the trip. If you have some cruising experience, you will have some average speed your boat makes over longer trips. You can put that in the 'average SOG' field. The field can be changed any time.
Add some legs
Start by clicking the 'add leg'-button and just click on the place you're leaving from. Never mind if you make a mistake: you can correct it later. If you arrive at your destination you can either double click or use the 'finish creating'-button.
Note the table on the left with the legs you created. It already contains some data about your legs: Distance over ground (DOG), Time to go (TTG) and Estimated time of arrival (ETA) for every leg you just created.
Specify more data for the legs.
Now it's time to add some descriptions for each leg. You can edit a leg by clicking on its row in the table on the left. Since we'll have a lot to do before we leave, we set departure at 12:00. Sailplanner will calculate your ETA according to leg's start-time and your average speed. In the case of our first leg, the ETA is at 8:24 the next day, so we'll arrive in daylight.

When you finished editing the leg, just click 'save leg'.
Note the small squares on the vertices of the leg you are editing. They can be used to alter the leg or make it more precise at some points.
Save the map.
This might be a good moment to save the work you've done. Just click the 'save'-button. The url will change to something like This is the link you can share with your crew-members.
A slightly different link will appear in your browser's location bar. This is the link for those who ware allowed tot edit the planner, of course including you!.
Some final tips.Show example
  • Use the map boundary overlay's to see what maps can be bought for the area's you're cruising.
  • Try to adjust your average speed to see what happens to your ETA if you cannot make your overall average on one leg.

But above all: enjoy the anticipatory pleasure!